At times a lot of people get confuse as how development can enhance the overall profitability of a company. Well it is something that is very much possible. Organizational development is a phase that is depended upon the behavioral sciences. Development of an organization requires a lot of steps. Every step has its own defined tasks and activities. This show that organizational development required enhanced knowledge, skills and required expertise that will help the company to achieve its desire outcomes. The most basic thing needed fo0r development is the complete overall knowledge about your business.


Organizations need to know what is going on in their business and how can they formulate things that will be marked in the history. Skilled knowledge and expertise is the most primary thing that is needed by every organization. This ensures that employees work on something that will produce results that will change the world. For organizational development, strategic planning is very important. It is the strategic goals that bring in new ideas and ways through which they can be implemented. Organizations must be sure that there goals are aligned with the business and organizational goals. For organizational development, the existing of a strong organizational culture is indeed important.


Organizational development directly has connections with productivity and quality. Development is required by both the employees and the organization as a whole. Individuals seek for opportunities where they can have access to paths that will take them through that road of success similarly organizations want to achieve results that will help them maintain there position in the long run. When organizations think about the betterment and career developmental goals of the employees, then it will automatically result in high morale. This way a change can be visibly seen in the performance of the employees. They tend to take work more seriously and make sure they do their work on time. High performance and productivity of the employees ultimately increases the financial health of the company.


The profile of the company will be sound than ever. Financial heaths will bring in better compensation and benefits plans. Things way employees will also be benefitted from the overall growth and development. Employees will get more salaries and there benefit plans will have more attractive added features. Secondly quality also gets effects from the growth and development process. When more skilled workers will be working upon a project then it will lead to high quality performance. Moreover development in terms of technology will also affect the quality of the services and products.

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It is evidently seen that every organization whether existing on a small platform or a large platform, they all have a distinctive culture. The true meaning of organizational culture is that it reflects the attitudes and values that employees carry with them. Every employee working in an organization is different from the other. Also they all came from different families and backgrounds. This is why they all have different values, likes and dislikes. A healthy environment is needed as it make sure that the organization keeps into consideration all the needs and requirements of its employees. Employees have to work on both their personal needs as well as the needs of the organization. If an organizational culture is healthy and strong then it will positively affect the performance of the employees.


Better performance means better outcomes and this will ultimately lead towards the organizational success and prosperity. A company that values its employees will automatically set a good image. It will enhance the morale of the employees and this way they will tend to contribute more than normal. When they work with a positive attitude then it will effect on their loyalty and ownership towards the business. For an organization, employees are the most precious element. They are the entity that gives life to the idea and make things possible. Employees who have a positive attitude will be loyal and this will lead to reduction in the employee turnover.


Workers turnover can cost a lot to the organization as a whole. This is tragic moment that organizations face. In this competitive environment, it is hard to retain good employees. Employee retention can be possible if organization provide a healthy environment that will benefit both the employee and the organization.  While you are hiring an employee, it cost a lot to the organization. From the phase of recruitment to selection and then hiring and training, it all requires money. Heavy amount of money is invested so that the process can be conducted properly. This is what should be kept in mind. Moreover reputation can also be effected from organizational culture.


Organizations having a healthy atmosphere and culture will bear a positive image in the corporate world. This wills attract more and more individuals to work for this organization. Through a good reputation, you will be able to attract a huge pool of skilled workers. Also a company having a good reputation can ask for a higher price for their services and products.




A lot of individuals don’t have the basic idea as to what is meant by organization. In simple terms an organization is a place where two or more than two people come into contact and get involved in one common purpose. Every organization has a purpose. Without a purpose no organization can have its real meaning. This shows that a organization will only work towards a decided goal. Every organization exists with one common motive that is to earn good profits. This is the only charming deed that is inbuilt with the creation of every organization. There are a number of aspects that can have negative and positive effects on the organization as a whole.


Organizations face a number of issues in their daily life. Some are internal whereas others are external. Internal issues can be solved by the organization as organization has full control over them. Do you know, what is the most important feature that exists within the organization? Well it is the culture that exists within the organization. Organizational culture varies from one organization to the other. This is where the real job begins. If an organization looks forward for growth and development, then they first have to make sure they understand culture first. In the olden days, there was no concept of diversity in the organization, nor was it encouraged. But now due to change prevailing in the world, diversity is one important aspect that people look out for.


The core reason after diversity is that it creates an atmosphere where people are given the liberty to speak up for their ideas. Different ideas will automatically lead to something productive and this way the organization can face the challenging atmosphere. Organizational culture has a number of benefits. Firstly they directly effect to the overall performance of the employees, a friendly culture is considered to be more actively productive then compared to a strict system. For instance the environment created by Google cannot be found anywhere in the world.


They give their employees the sense of ownership towards there company. Also they promise employees to take care of all their needs so that they don’t have to worry about anything and concentrate just on their work. It is the cultures that help people to actively brainstorm productive ideas that can be incorporated in order achieve productive results. If the culture of the organization is good then it encourages the employees to put in all there energy and contribute towards the strategic organizational goal.


When to Change Organizational Culture

Changing the organizational culture is necessary sometimes and for brining changes you should know where your organization wants to be and what are its present elements that need change.  As cultural elements determine the success of your organization therefore planning and implementation of a successful organizational culture must be designed carefully so that it would enhance the organizational growth.

If you don’t know when to change the organizational culture then here are some of the scenarios where the organizational culture needs to be changed.

  • Sometimes teams decide to spend a lot of time agreeing with each other than challenging the forecasts and assumptions of the fellow team members that are usually incorrect.
  • When key management staff instead of leading the company spend majority of their time with various other team members on individual basis and promote individual agendas to the damage the cohesive functioning of whole group.
  •  When employees are just pretending to take initiative but actually they are waiting for the plan from the owner or the founder.

In such type of situations changing the existing culture can become tough for you however you can create a brand new culture for your organization. Before introducing the new plans to the employees make them unlearn the old values, assumptions and behaviors. The two most important aspects for bringing change are

  • Support from executives: Executives from the organizations must support the cultural change not just with verbal but behavioral support too. Most importantly their cooperation should be endless and consistent for the change in culture.
  • Training plays a key role in the teaching new behaviors and communicating expectations and cultural change is always dependant on behavior change therefore organization members must be clear and defined about what is expected from them and in return they should perform well.

Most importantly changes demand time, commitment, planning and proper execution. Be patient and try bringing a positive organizational culture for the fulfillment of your business goals.


Questions To Identify Cultural Fit Or Misfit

Does your organization recruit fresh candidates on assessment of cultural fit or not? If no then it should because their responses to your questions will improve the productivity of your own organization.
You would definitely be looking for a job applicant who would have job skills, qualifications and has the best abilities to fit in the culture of your organization. This potential employee must match for you and for your organization therefore consider the following interview question to access cultural fit employees.

  • Ask the candidate to describe the culture in which he’d be happy to work in productively?
  • What were the best qualities of your previous boss? Do you wish to acquire those?
  •  In your opinion what does an organization encourage? Willingness of employee, to go the extra mile, over time or get the job done in any possible way?
  • Describe the Management style that suits you best for work and efforts?
  • In your opinion what are the most effective roles that a good manager plays in relation with reporting staff members?
  • Is making friends at work place a wise practice? Were you also having a best friend at your work place?
  • What positive changes you feel in yourself by the past working experience before coming for interview?
  • What is the one factor that must be a part of your work environment which would make you happy?
  • What is your work style? Do you like to work in team or work alone? If given chance to manage both what time would you allocate to both?
  • What feedback your co-workers of previous job will give about your work style and contributions?
  • What are three to five expectations you have of the senior leaders at new workplace?
  •  Tell us about an event when you pleased an internal or external customer?
  •  What role you prefer while working in the team?
  • While working with people what kind of relationship do you prefer?
  • Describe your relationship with the reporting staff members?
  • Did you ever try to delight a customer by going out of the way and jumped through the loop?
  • Did you make any decision or give any suggestion that has benefited the organization to a great extent?

As you find the replies of job candidates, accessing the applicants would become easier for you and you’ll hire better employees which would be cultural fit.


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